Where there’s a WILL, there’s a way



I went to a workshop at the Arizona Humane Society (AHS) on Saturday. My friend Jim Howard spoke on Wills, Trusts and how to leave property to individuals and charities. And what to do if your wish is to ensure the safety of your pets.

I’ve been wondering how to make my wishes known regarding my fur-family, in the event something happens to me. Like if I expire. Jim gave some solid advice and now I have some work to do.

Did you know that the AHS has something called the Continuing Care Program? When your pets are faced with the loss of their caregiver/parent, the AHS places your beloved companion(s) with families that are carefully selected. This can even serve as a backup plan, in the event that your first choice in someone to take your pet falls through. Enrolling in this program is easy and you can contact the AHS by calling (602) 997-7586 x 1136 or by emailing legacycircle@azhumane.org

I also discovered that you can create a Charitable Remainder Trust, which provides you with income for the term of the Trust, a current tax deduction and capital gains taxes forgiven. You can specify that AHS receives the remainder at the end of the Trust term. What a way to go!

There are many other creative and helpful things that can be arranged. Bottom line, your best bet to make sure your wishes for your pet are clearly known and enforceable, is to execute a Will or Living Trust. Don’t leave your family at risk. Animals are often at the mercy of those who may not care, if a firm plan is not in place.

While this is not the most uplifting topic, it is a necessary one. If you’d like to contact Jim Howard at Braun Siler Kruzel PC about how to put together your estate plans, his direct number is 480-367-3378. If you’d like to join the Legacy Circle at the AHS, contact the beautiful and lovely Lauren Martich at 602-997-7586 x1136.

Now, go hug your furballs for me!!!

Love your pets, love your life – Lisa LaTourette



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