Was it my French?

I just got back from a wonderful trip to Provence, France thru Aroma-Tours. Besides being enchanted by the lovely Robbi Zeck and Jim Llewelyn, I met many French cats and dogs while on this adventure. And there seems to be a commonality among them! The French animals are somewhat aloof. 

WaFrench Cat gets attentions it my American accent? (I spoke French to them because I wanted to meet them properly and have them understand me) Or maybe my political views? I just could not figure it out. Normally, when I approach an animal here in the States, I get a predictable response. Wagging, happy whining, wiggling, headbutting, etc. The French response was much more sedate and sophisticated. More je ne said quoi… aloof.

Call me crazy. But I felt comfortable enough within the group that I was travelling, so I mentioned my observations. Others had noticed this, too! It was somewhat reassuring that this particular dynamic wasn't just my imagination. But then my thoughts were interrupted by a Frenchman's outburst, "Ah! They just know their place!" To which I replied internally, "Ah! You mean, in my heart? Or on my lap?!?!"

Here is a photo of a beautiful French cat in Gigondas who actually seemed to enjoy my attention and pets. This beauty had a friend who finally emerged from the hibiscus bush to the right, but would not consider letting me get near. Who knows what he/she was thinking. Again, maybe they just don't like American tourists. Or maybe it was my sense of style (yes, I was wearing tennis shoes in France). Whatever the case, I'd love to know if anyone else has observed this particular phenomenon with the French animals.

Love your pets, love your life – Lisa LaTourette

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