Portraits on Pet Urns – An Exclusive from PALS







PALS – Pets & Animal Lovers Service serves a special role. When our beloved pets make their transition, PALS is the best place to go for their reliable cremation.

My friend Katherine has been doing this business for years and is among the most reputable in the country. Together, we have decided to offer an exclusive: wooden pet urns with a painted portrait in oils of your pet by Lisa LaTourette.

The urns come in various sizes and are quality wooden construction with two finishes in which to choose. Cats, dogs, birds, horses and pretty much any creature can be memorialized with their likeness on the urn. My trademark signature initials with a Swarovski crystal is included, just like the larger portrait commissions in which I am known to do. The crystal is in tribute to the animal, who was a unique spark of light and life in this world.

A beautiful likeness will be painted on the urn itself, creating a precious memorial for your beloved pet. To view the urn options online, go to www.ourpals.com  and click on the URNS button at the top right side. That will take you to a page with many choices of quality urns. 

Here is the contact info for PALS:

PALS-Pet & Animal Lovers Service

3629 N 40th Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85019

602-455-6677 phone

While the topic of a pet leaving us and this earth is sensitive, the idea of commemorating their life and meaning to us as pet owners can be comforting. Please feel free to share this information with friends or family who would value this special service.

And while they are still with us, please…

Love your pets, love your life – Lisa LaTourette





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