One Buck Chuck














And this was his fund-raising booth for the Chuck Waggin' Pet Food Pantry (a division of PACC911).  I lost several dollars to Chuck. I couldn't stay away. But he didn't mind. His brown eyes and his soft touch melted my heart.

This photo was taken by Carolyn of Easel Photography in Mesa AZ. Carolyn and Candy were the official event photographers at the St. Francis Festival at the Franciscan Renewal Center in Scottsdale AZ. It didn't take much convincing to have them focus on Chuck here. He clearly stole the show.

These two ladies took tons of wonderful photos for this event. Click on the link above to get to their website and then on EVENTS to find the St. Francis Festival images!

There were many adorable animals in which to fixate. I lost count. But Chuck was clearly special to me. So patient and tolerant. So handsome and sweet. Sigh. I bet even the cats could like this one. Dare I even think it?!?

All for now. I just want to stare at Chuck and remember his soft fur on my cheek.

Love your pets, love your life – Lisa LaTourette






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St. Francis Festival at The Casa in Scottsdale AZ






PACC911 (Phoenix Animal Care Coalition) and the Franciscan Renewal Center (The Casa) joined together again this October for a wonderful pet adoption event. Every year, this weekend offers numerous animal adoptions, pet blessings by the Franciscan friars, gifts and souvenirs, micro-chipping, food and beverages, and just a great reason to get out and enjoy this beautiful Arizona weather. This year, there was even a kissing booth! But I will wait to tell more once I am able to post some incriminating photos.

Mike Slivers at The Casa was the man in charge. He did an outstanding job. I was asked to design the event logo and tshirts. It was an honor to help represent this special time with a graphic depiction using four of my portraits. The negative space between the four images created the sign of the cross. It was a meaningful visual that combined both the spirituality of St. Francis and The Casa and the objective of helping many beautiful creatures find their forever homes.

I also created a special St. Francis medal, packaged with a prayer card. The medal was for both pets and their people. We are all creatures of one family! Both the tshirts and the medals made special souvenirs for those in attendance.

I had a display booth with my paintings. Many of my clients attended and brought their fur kids in for blessings. Shown here are two of the most compassionate pet owners I've ever known and loved. They brought their little Rusty, who is a celebrity unto his own. Rusty was featured on the tshirt and you can see his portrait (from a year ago) on the display at the upper right corner.

All in all, this was a wonderful time with many special moments. I just wish all the animals had found their forever homes. It is so difficult to see so many sweet animals without their own family. Please adopt, if you can. And if you cannot, please help as you can. Donate, volunteer, advocate. It's all good. The creatures of this world rely on us to be good stewards of the earth. It is in giving that we truly receive.

Love your pets, love your life – Lisa LaTourette




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Portraits on Pet Urns – An Exclusive from PALS







PALS – Pets & Animal Lovers Service serves a special role. When our beloved pets make their transition, PALS is the best place to go for their reliable cremation.

My friend Katherine has been doing this business for years and is among the most reputable in the country. Together, we have decided to offer an exclusive: wooden pet urns with a painted portrait in oils of your pet by Lisa LaTourette.

The urns come in various sizes and are quality wooden construction with two finishes in which to choose. Cats, dogs, birds, horses and pretty much any creature can be memorialized with their likeness on the urn. My trademark signature initials with a Swarovski crystal is included, just like the larger portrait commissions in which I am known to do. The crystal is in tribute to the animal, who was a unique spark of light and life in this world.

A beautiful likeness will be painted on the urn itself, creating a precious memorial for your beloved pet. To view the urn options online, go to  and click on the URNS button at the top right side. That will take you to a page with many choices of quality urns. 

Here is the contact info for PALS:

PALS-Pet & Animal Lovers Service

3629 N 40th Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85019

602-455-6677 phone

While the topic of a pet leaving us and this earth is sensitive, the idea of commemorating their life and meaning to us as pet owners can be comforting. Please feel free to share this information with friends or family who would value this special service.

And while they are still with us, please…

Love your pets, love your life – Lisa LaTourette





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A Dog’s Purpose by Bruce Cameron


What a perfect book for animal lovers. Especially dog lovers. And a thoughtful gift for pretty much anyone who gravitates toward love stories.

Bruce is masterful at weaving four different doggy incarnations into the story of one special spark of life with a purpose. Toby, Bailey, Ellie and Buddy are the same spirit but flow thru the cycle of life with different experiences as different dogs. Reincarnation of the canine variety.

A Dog's Purpose

Visit Bruce at to read about my friend from college (he was a Sigma Chi)! Bruce’s sequel to A Dog’s Purpose is A Dog’s Journey, and it is currently being made into a major motion picture! How fun is that, Bruce?!

Tenderly told, both books reach deep within the heart and display the perspective of those who are misunderstood and without the ability to articulate thru human speech. Unique and precious, these reads will make you laugh and cry and open your mind to possibilities.

Gift either or both books to yourself or to someone you love.

Love your pets, love your life – Lisa LaTourette

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The Arizona Humane Society needs your help. Now.


Imagine turning away 121 animals a day. They can’t and they won’t with Project 121.

121 represents the average number of animals Arizona Humane Society (AHS) takes in on a given day. Summertime is especially critical with prolific litters and outdoor temperatures escalating the need. It is a monumental task to provide ongoing medical, rehabilitative, shelter and adoptive services for 121 new arrivals daily, especially considering AHS receives no federal or state funding. Initiatives such as Project 121 are critical to the survival of the animals who rely on the AHS: private donations to care for the 46,000 animals AHS serves annually. Please help to make a difference in the life of an animal – take action today.


The folks who dedicate their time and resources to this wonderful agency are a tireless crowd with hearts of gold. They cannot handle this situation without additional help from people like you and me. Open your hearts, checkbooks, daytimers and pie holes and do what you can. I think we all agree that it is in giving that we receive.

Adopt if you can. Donate if you can. Volunteer if you can. Advocate the health and well being of animals if you can. YOU CAN make a difference in the world!

When I saw the first advertisement for Project 121, I didn’t know what it was about. I saw the second one and I still didn’t understand. So I looked it up on their website. It was then very clear: THEY SIMPLY NEED OUR HELP! So I thought I would help spread the word and hopefully gain some needed outreach into my network here. We are in an unprecedented time where people are seriously being called upon to help others in need. Furry or otherwise. Lend a hand and support this wonderful place.

Love your pets, love your life – Lisa LaTourette




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Was it my French?

I just got back from a wonderful trip to Provence, France thru Aroma-Tours. Besides being enchanted by the lovely Robbi Zeck and Jim Llewelyn, I met many French cats and dogs while on this adventure. And there seems to be a commonality among them! The French animals are somewhat aloof. 

WaFrench Cat gets attentions it my American accent? (I spoke French to them because I wanted to meet them properly and have them understand me) Or maybe my political views? I just could not figure it out. Normally, when I approach an animal here in the States, I get a predictable response. Wagging, happy whining, wiggling, headbutting, etc. The French response was much more sedate and sophisticated. More je ne said quoi… aloof.

Call me crazy. But I felt comfortable enough within the group that I was travelling, so I mentioned my observations. Others had noticed this, too! It was somewhat reassuring that this particular dynamic wasn't just my imagination. But then my thoughts were interrupted by a Frenchman's outburst, "Ah! They just know their place!" To which I replied internally, "Ah! You mean, in my heart? Or on my lap?!?!"

Here is a photo of a beautiful French cat in Gigondas who actually seemed to enjoy my attention and pets. This beauty had a friend who finally emerged from the hibiscus bush to the right, but would not consider letting me get near. Who knows what he/she was thinking. Again, maybe they just don't like American tourists. Or maybe it was my sense of style (yes, I was wearing tennis shoes in France). Whatever the case, I'd love to know if anyone else has observed this particular phenomenon with the French animals.

Love your pets, love your life – Lisa LaTourette

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Eye of the Beholder

One of my favorite places is the Franciscan Renewal Center on Lincoln Drive in Scottsdale. The grounds are beautiful and inspiring. The community is welcoming and kind. 

A few Sundays ago, I had a special experience. Walking in the healing garden with my friend Betty Dean, we stopped for a moment to take in the beauty of the morning. As I looked at nature around us, I realized that I was seeing something unusual in the design of the bark in one of the trees. It was St. Francis!

My eyes must have bugged out of my head. Betty quickly looked and saw what I was seeing. We stood for a moment both without words. 

I love St. Francis. I love what he inspired in others and how he loved nature and the animal world. Here is a piece from the story of the wolf of Gubbio:

I ask you to embrace Brother Wolf and his Kind and to give so tame and gentle a creature his daily bread and a place near the hearth. If you do this, I give you the Lord's promise of peace.

Visit The Casa (the Franciscan Renewal Center) and see this place for yourself. I am so lucky to be a part of this community. And lucky to be able to see St. Francis in the tree.

Love your pets, love your life – Lisa LaTourette



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Exclusive Offering thru the Arizona Humane Society


I'm excited!

The Arizona Humane Society's (AHS) retail store, Petique, is offering an exclusive of mine. I am doing mini pet portraits, which are only 4" x 4". But they pack a lot into a little area! These mini's come finished in a gold gift bag with my same Certificate of Authenticity. Because space is so limited, my signature is simply my two initials: double L's with the trademark crystal placed in between.

Petique is at the Biltmore Fashion Park at Camelback Road and 24th Street in Phoenix. The shop is located at the most eastern part of the mall near the end. 

For each mini that is sold, $25 will go directly to the Arizona Humane Society as a donation. 

Besides being a great place to find giftables for pets and their families, Petique also brings animals from the AHS shelters for adoption. You can visit with dogs, cats and other animals who are wanting to find their forever home. In all likelihood, some furry person may want to adopt you!

Visit Petique. Tell your friends about this wonderful place. And please support the Arizona Humane Society!

Love your pets, love your life – Lisa LaTourette


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Petique at the Biltmore



For those of you who are not from Arizona, Petique is the AZ Humane Society’s retail pet boutique. It is located at the Biltmore shopping plaza on Camelback Road.

The store is managed by the lovely Elizabeth Claxton. She has a big job in coordinating rescue animals to visit from the shelters as well as filling the space with unusual and enticing pet-related items for Biltmore shoppers. Elizabeth does it all well and with style.

Happily, I will be placing many of my animal portraits on display here soon. Giclees (high quality reproductions of original oil paintings) will be for sale along with other offerings. In fact, we are talking about creating a Lisa LaTourette exclusive here at Petique. We’ll see what I can come up with… I love the AHS and helping them in any way possible would be a joyful privilege.

Please help support the AHS by visiting Petique. If you have any special product ideas that you’d like to see in the store, please share with me or Elizabeth. We both love to hear what people like, which can lead to something new and fun for everyone.

And if you are just nearby shopping, getting a fur-fix by loving up the cuties that are available for adoption is a definite plus! Petting an animal can lower your blood pressure, cause the corners of your mouth to turn up and create a feeling of goodness and well-being that lasts for hours. Love those furballs for me!

Please say hello to Elizabeth and give her some recognition for doing such an outstanding job with the store. We all like a little stroke here and there. Pets and people alike.

Love your pets, love your life – Lisa LaTourette



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Where there’s a WILL, there’s a way



I went to a workshop at the Arizona Humane Society (AHS) on Saturday. My friend Jim Howard spoke on Wills, Trusts and how to leave property to individuals and charities. And what to do if your wish is to ensure the safety of your pets.

I’ve been wondering how to make my wishes known regarding my fur-family, in the event something happens to me. Like if I expire. Jim gave some solid advice and now I have some work to do.

Did you know that the AHS has something called the Continuing Care Program? When your pets are faced with the loss of their caregiver/parent, the AHS places your beloved companion(s) with families that are carefully selected. This can even serve as a backup plan, in the event that your first choice in someone to take your pet falls through. Enrolling in this program is easy and you can contact the AHS by calling (602) 997-7586 x 1136 or by emailing

I also discovered that you can create a Charitable Remainder Trust, which provides you with income for the term of the Trust, a current tax deduction and capital gains taxes forgiven. You can specify that AHS receives the remainder at the end of the Trust term. What a way to go!

There are many other creative and helpful things that can be arranged. Bottom line, your best bet to make sure your wishes for your pet are clearly known and enforceable, is to execute a Will or Living Trust. Don’t leave your family at risk. Animals are often at the mercy of those who may not care, if a firm plan is not in place.

While this is not the most uplifting topic, it is a necessary one. If you’d like to contact Jim Howard at Braun Siler Kruzel PC about how to put together your estate plans, his direct number is 480-367-3378. If you’d like to join the Legacy Circle at the AHS, contact the beautiful and lovely Lauren Martich at 602-997-7586 x1136.

Now, go hug your furballs for me!!!

Love your pets, love your life – Lisa LaTourette



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