Animal portrait artist Lisa LaTourette works in oils


I began my life as an artist at an early age. My mother noticed my love of drawing and enrolled me into private lessons. I began with charcoal and advanced to pastels and then onto oils. I recall how natural each of these learning experiences felt. Art was as if I was accessing a comfortable and fond memory.

During college life, I loved all my studio art classes. But oil painting, as in my earlier years, was still my favorite. I would lose myself in the act of mixing color and bringing an empty canvas to life. A whole day could pass without me moving from my easel. Time would truly stand still.

After 30+ years, I still feel the same as I paint. My favorite subjects are furry. Animals have always been special to me. My goal, whether meeting someone new on a leash or in a photo, is to connect with that furry person on a genuine level.  I love them all. And they usually love me back.

I have been told that I am able to capture an animal’s personality on canvas. When someone commissions me to paint their pet, I consider it a privilege. I have been blessed with an innate talent to capture both the inner and outer likeness of these special beings. I take my role seriously. Pets really are family. They touch our lives so purely, so unconditionally. It is for this reason that I choose oil as my preferred method of expression. Oil is a rich and soulful platform. It is the choice of all the great masters.

Your oil painting will stand the test of time and serve as a piece that can be handed down throughout family generations.

A Swarovski crystal follows my signature as a precious tribute to the spark of life and light that animals so uniquely and purely convey.

Love your pets, love your life – Lisa LaTourette

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