Welcome to my custom pet portraiture online studio.

My mission is to joyfully capture the inner and outer essence of my subject so as to provide a precious memorial for the owner. To conjure a warm, sympathetic quality, rich in feeling and technique. The portrait becomes a symbol of the loving connection between kindred souls.

Animals are special. While with us on this Earth, they stir our emotions and enrich our lives. And when their time to leave us grows near, a portrait can serve as a heartfelt reminder of a pure and loving relationship. The love will always remain. The joy from this love is why I paint.

With over 30 years of professional experience, my pet portrait paintings of dogs, cats, horses and other animals are realistic and traditional school oils on canvas. The Arizona Humane Society kindly endorses me and displays my work at their retail store, Petique. More important than even my accomplished technical detailing is my reputation for capturing the feeling and the personality of the animal for the owner. The animal portraits go deep and stir the heart.

Welcome to my pet portrait world. Enjoy the gallery images and the rest of this site. I wish you great love and joy.

Commission a beautiful custom oil portrait of your beloved pet.

Pet Portrait Artist – Lisa LaTourette

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